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This Month in the Garden

February with it's slightly longer days encourages us with signs of life in the garden. The weather is somewhat unpredictable but there are still opportunities to enjoy the beginnings of the seasons to come. 


  • Cut back ornamental grasses before new shoots begin to appear.​

  • Divide established perennials that are beginning to appear congested/crowded. Daylilies and Irises like to be divided every 3-4 years

  • Divide large clumps of snowdrops or other winter bulbs after flowering to establish new colonies. Much easier to do with the foliage visible. 

  • Prune dormant plants such as wisteria and buddleia. Keep in mind that vines that flower in the Summer on new growth can also be pruned back.

  • Monitor roses and other flowering shrubs for signs of new growth as the plants slowly awaken.  Sprinkle slow-release fertilizer at the base of the plants as the plants awaken.  

  • Begin preparing your vegetable beds by thoroughly weeding, removing any disease material and applying an organic fungicide and mixing in a rich layer of compost material.  This will provide the best environment for sowing seeds, transplanting indoor or greenhouse grown starts or newly purchased starts.

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